Dagupan City, Ilocos Region
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Lenox Hotel Nathaniel Ainsley Chu is a liar and cheater very dishonest person. Expensive hotel offering poor service and unsanitary food.

It begins with the reservations messing up with our booking, for a couple Nathaniel Ainsley Chu the son of the owner of Lenox Hotel give us a twin room and the only manager available at the hotel is the front office manager - Mr.Nathaniel Ainsley Chu a very rude and unapologetic individual ! He was not willing to accept the mess up, has a very arrogant attitude ! His solution to the mess up - we can't do anything take the room or leave it !

Another receptionist who was terrified of his managers behavior offered to join the twin beds which was the only option however the beds could be joined but the head rest are fixed to the ground so we had a joined beds without the headrest.

It was very sad for a hotel that has five stars on the logo to offer such poor service, another instance was the TV in the room wasn't working it was reported several times but for the entire stay they did not bother to come and fix it !

Again had to face Mr Nathaniel Ainsley Chu who was the only available manager and he started howling that someone had gone to fix it but couldn't do it since I was not in the room.

If you are someone who enjoys good service Lenox Hotel Dagupan is not the place you want to be of course unless the hotel management takes the service seriously and rectify this with immediate action for the beautiful property they have. Also Lenox Hotel Dagupan is also a place for *** and majong.

Beware of this hotel Lenox Hotel Dagupan specially Nathaniel Ainsley Chu very dishonest person liar and swindler.

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